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January 30, 2013


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Love your reflections Emily, very inspiring! I'm going to have to seriously considering going to the NYC summit in June.

Such great reflections. I think my fav is the attract/repel- because at the end of the day you want people to like you for you and connect genuinely with people :) it sounds silly because IRL you would only want to be friends with people that like you for you... oh the blogging world. Hope your having a terrific Wednesday.

I love your takeaways. Great post - and so nice to meet you Emily! I admire that you write such a beautiful blog on top of your full time job and being a mom. Keep up the awesome work. ;)

Mandi and I are both moms who work full-time outside of our homes and write our blog on the side. So I appreciate the idea of being okay with where you are.

And I also love the idea of repeal and attract. We talk about that all the time--growing our audience authentically. There are ways we could have more followers but we're not interested in getting followers in those ways. We want people to stick around because they like us. :-)

Thanks for sharing Emily.

Love these! Thank you for sharing. I was sad not to attend, but I'm learning a lot from reading all the recaps!

Thanks & love!


Woman, this post just rocked my world. You did such a great job processing all of this so quickly ... and your photos! oh how I love your photos. I wish I could have taken off a WEEK at least, instead I'm daydreaming about Alt in the pickup line and posting photos from the dentist office. All in the name of the blog, I guess :)

Such a great post! I so agree with your point about accepting who you are. I thought about that a lot at the conference.

Great recap, Emily...I really enjoyed reading it and hearing your takeaways. I'm not sure I could ever manage ALT. So! Many! People! ;) I was at a much smaller blogging conference this past weekend in Birmingham, AL called FoodBlogSouth, and interestingly some of my takeaways were similar. Especially number 1. I'm okay with where I am. All the talks about pageviews and branding and attracting gobs of readers felt unlike me and what I wanted for my space, and that's okay! It was clarifying for me. Sounds like ALT did a lot of clarifying for you too!

Emily, I wish we could have connect at Alt even more after reading your take aways. I'm in a similar boat with a seperate full time job and I've got a specific vision for my blog that probably doesn't equate with it becoming my full time job - at least not for a few years. Hope to see you at a Seattle meet up soon - I'd love to chat more about it.

Hi Emily. I am so thrilled to read that you got what I was trying to say at the roundtable. It was an important soul search for me in this past year. Your blog is really lovely, I was reading through it the other day. You definitely have your voice already!

I somehow didn't end up attending that many panels, etc. so am really appreciative of posts like these where I can glean some of the knowledge from people who did attend!

I thought this was incredibly well written - i always find it's reassuring to walk away from something and know that more than one path is possible, even it's not always an expected one.

Love this, great lessons. Lets be roomies next year? Also I miss you terribly.

Great reflections Emily! I think we took away a lot of the same things from the experience. I was sad to have missed Jasmine's panel, I love what you have to say about attract/repel. I feel the same way about wanting to be liked, but not at the expense of being true to my own voice and who I am. It can be easy to lose sight of that when I am trying to fit in and be like the big girls. Good luck to us both on learning that lesson!

Such great thoughts and I agree with every single one of them. Sometimes I think, "my blog hasn't gone or done anything so why push myself when I feel uninspired?" Then I think about all the reasons why I actually love blogging and that I truly need to stop thinking about "making it," "being famous," and "impressing people." Those superficial reasons do NOT inspire me to blog. They weigh me down and take the fun out of it. I would have LOVED to go to Alt Summit! I'm not that far away from SLC! Oh well. I need to be a bit more involved so I can know what is going on!

great re-cap! i am sad we didn't connect at alt! but, that's what next yeah is for, ey? cheers! corey

well here is one thing that you will never have to worry about...I love YOU....I have for a very long time and I always will. This is probably one of those things that we don't say to people in person, huh? But this is just as good a time as any to announce to the world that I adore my daughter in law. She is one of the dearest blessings in my happy life. I also love that she blogs....even though the old lady in me gets freaked about the world knowing so much about her and her family...it has been a way for me to get to know her and wow!!! THAT is priceless. Thank you to her and her readers. It is so nice to see how you all support and encourage one another.

Love your insight here, Emily. Especially growing a small blog, and being super proud of it. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up with all the possibilities that blogging offers. Some go big, and that's awesome. But there is something about growing something on a smaller scale. That one is really resonating with me lately, I totally with I could have been at that round table - it must have been so awesome!

So nice meeting you in person at Alt! You are just as sweet in person as you are on your blog :)!

A good reminder to always do what's personally best for you and your unique situation. Good food for thought. Thanks!

This is great - thanks for the recap and the awesome insight. I'm feeling sort of BLERGH about blogging so this was a good thing for me to read so I can put some thought into what I want.

Also, I'll be emailing you about lunch soon :)

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