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August 15, 2013


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stella scream cried for an entire thrity-five minute drive yesterday because i wouldn't order her a slurpee AT STARBUCKS. screw three year olds, man...

Oh man, I think you just described my day to a tee, except add in said 3year old who doesn't want to use the toilet at all, and a walking one year old who gets into everything while I try to get dressed and things ready to go

Omg. I am pretty sure Olivia is heading down the terrible 3 route too! One of the places we had a meltdown yesterday (there were multiple) was at the nursing home!

Totally feel your pain! Some mornings I'm amazed I make it out the door alive. Leila's 4 now and I do feel like the tantrum mornings are lessening up but not gone completely.

hey girl, i tooootally feel your pain. 3 year olds are the worst. and, a few people have recently told me 4 is worse, so that's cool. ;) have you seen this site? http://www.reasonsmysoniscrying.com/ hilarious.

and, i'm sure you dont even have time to check this out, but i just read a book called 123 Magic (http://www.amazon.com/1-2-3-Magic-Effective-Discipline-Children/dp/1889140430) and it has helped a little bit with tantrums here. i mean, we still definitely have them, but the duration is usually a little shorter :)

It will be easier, but it's never smooth. I'm down to one 3 year old rainboot-on-a-sunny-day wearing melter downer, but my 7 year old still gets in there sometimes. It's okay to be late-the world has to deal with it. Mommy needs blush.

Wow. I'm reading this as a heads up of sorts. My little one is only 10 months and he throws baby-versions of tantrums, so I can only imagine when he is a toddler.

Oh boy, do I feel ya! Today I tried to change Q's pull up and he freaked out because it has the wrong character, too. I mean... Just ugh. Which of course he had no problem with an hour later when I tried again. At least I don't have a 1 year old who's constantly trying to kill himself. Oh wait...

Absolutely incredible!!! I have sooo been there!!!! It's done all but killed me, and that's too precise a saying!
My youngest is now just over four. I slept my first entire night about 3 months ago. I wake up three times a night now at minimum expecting someone will wake, throw up, need something ETC lol! It's now confused me for life. "Gets better at four.." NOT SURE, I remember a wise lady once told me "it doesn't get better; it just gets different" ...ANOTHER said, "No, as they get bigger, they're problems get bigger" --I'm managing just fine, Independent Mother of Two (disabled) & they're both joys regardless of childhood caused damage LOL...I am certain it gets better--everything must eventually! ;D Thank you for your HONEST share!! Im sure you will relate: You might enjoy my post "Grocery Line Up Lessons" on my blog below !

OPPS! Forgot the link because of sign in issues: http://J9sOpinion.com/ on Wordpress.com (wouldn't let me sign in for some reason)

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